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truly blessed by His and his love.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i've been back for a while now and if anyone thought i'll have a smooth-sailing life ahead of me, please pray harder for me.

i've been facing dramas after dramas. first off, exam dramas. then wedding drama. God knows what's next. i honestly think now that it will be the greatest sin committed if i don't do drama, since drama loves to do me.

on a happier note, we've booked our bridal package with White Link. so looking forward to checking out their head office and all. we're also considering an overseas photoshoot and gotta start looking at hotel venues soon. i've asked my man's mum to give us a date by the end of this month.

jie-meis are more or less confirmed. this is going to be an interesting project. :)

hearts 12:57:00
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

i thought i heard your voice last night.
still so distinctively yours.

i wish there was an answering machine that had your voice, and was never turned off.
so that i could call whenever i needed to feel your presence.

and it's at times like these, i wish i never have to return home.
cos whenever i'm about to, i begin to realise that i've lost you for good.

hearts 16:16:00
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

i wish i could turn back time. i wish i had the power to bring you back to life. i wish i told you how important you were. i wish i knew how to stop feeling guilty. i miss your smile. i miss your voice. i miss your presence. i miss your love. my pillar. my strenth. my joy. and now, my tears. all i can wish for now is for just one chance, an impossible chance, to tell you i love you. my world came crashing down the day you left. in shambles i've left it. teach me how to pick them up like how you used to do.

hearts 19:50:00
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

trying to stay positive so that i won't procrastinate my work. after all, with only 16 days left to finish up an exam, a 3500 word problem question and two take home exams, i've effectively only 4 days for each of this task.

the light at the end of this 16 days dark tunnel is my flight back to singapore at 0805am and touching down at 1430hrs to begin a 31days rendezvous with my family and loved ones.

positive thoughts. positive thoughts. positive thoughts.

hearts 14:01:00
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