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Friday, March 27, 2009

loneliness can be a foe or a friend.
it's up to you to decide which it should be. :)

hearts 18:05:00
0 spoken words

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a friend once said to me that if an individual has a prescribed number of buckets of tears to cry, i must have exhausted more than half of it on one man. he wasn't available when i wasted it all on another. this probably explains my lack of certain emotions in the face of depressing news.

i probably exhausted every ounce of trust that was given to me in this lifetime as well, with that one betrayal that still sting my heart every once in a while. i've questioned and i've tried. i know my man has tried his best and probably do understand that it might take my entire lifetime to regain every single ounce that i've lost through that one incident.

still, i'm possibly being extremely grumpy today and am having one of those mood swings where you hate the world and everything else that's in it. just allow me to wallow in such thoughts and self-pity for just this night and i'll be back on my feet, caring just enough to pass through this lifetime.

hearts 20:35:00
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

i've decided that i should get a new camera.
i'm not exactly camera-clickish but hey, it will come in handy especially since i've downgraded to the iphone which only has a 2mp camera installed in it.

zhongying laments about my lack of updates but really there's nothing seriously exciting about my life. so far, i've only been to catch up sessions with the elusive junior, had bbq at kevin's and just really attending classes. above it all, i've been playing sims 2 non-stop.

when there's something really fresh and really meaty, trust me, this blog will be my loudhailer. :)

hearts 17:32:00
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Monday, March 09, 2009

so i've touched down.
it was a teary and frustrating welcome back to sydney. for some strange reasons, they have finally decided that the name on visa does not fully match the name on my passport and called immigrations on me. having just touched down from a 7.5 hours flight and being extremely grumpy, i argued till the cows come home and told them that they are extremely inefficient with serious discrepancies in their process.

then i was approaching home and an accident scene greeted me as the cab veered into the lane. a biker had crashed into a taxi. i started wondering what a 'great' start it has been for this particular semester.

i've yet to go to the gym and sign up for my package cos seriously, i'm damn tired. but i managed to grapple every last energy that i have to the shop and grab the really cheap-ass iphone to replace my recently deceased w960i. the iphone is actually cheaper than my w960i when launched and has a greater memory space. w960i... rest in peace.

now, i'm satisfied with my process of returning back to the student life. the suitcase is unpacked and placed aside. clothes are back where they were. cleaned up the toilet a little. later, i'll be changing one of my pillows to the one i brought back from singapore.

i'll have a good night's rest definitely.

hearts 15:03:00
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

and so it's time to say goodbye again... soon.
still, my luggage is still in that corner and my possessions lying on my bed beside it, still not packed in.

i want a teleport machine.

hearts 16:32:00
0 spoken words

Thursday, March 05, 2009

my luggage is still at the very spot that my mum placed it in since i returned to Singapore last november. it hasn't been moved; just unloaded.

the message came in today, reminding me of the need to start packing. this is the one moment i dread the most. not merely because i'm gonna have to say goodbye again but because i'm tired of all the lugging of my possessions from one area to another. if there's a teleport machine, you know i'll be the first to queue for it.

i haven't started shopping for all my toiletries and what nots. my ass is planted permanently on the chair in my house, refusing to budge, no matter how pressing it seems to have become. everyone else seems to be getting anxious over every little detail whilst i float right through. not that i don't care but really, it's getting tiring to be constantly on the move.

only at the very last moment, will i feel the push to rush and grab every item out there, cursing and swearing at my laziness. i'll even swear never to do it again, only to have it occur every 4 months or so. i really just want that teleport machine.

hearts 17:08:00
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