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Monday, April 30, 2007

baby's in sydney! (the first 4 days)

with baby - when he first arrived at the airport. i still can't believe he actually made a friend on the plane ride here!

baby's first ride on the sydney public bus service.

apparently he has a fetish for boots and short skirts.

i was lazing around in bed and he won't leave me alone. :(

taking a break at my balcony

cam-whoring was one of our favorite pastimes.

kissing along george street

my pillar and my support.

him with the boys (jason, nick and junior). enjoying himself massively with them after yum-cha.

i think he's in love with jason. heh.

doing the groceries for the week.

the first meal i ever cooked for him - cordon bleu with salt and pepper prawns!

doing the dishes. i'm like his personal maid man.

to show my mum that i'm still studying even though he's here. heh.

introducing lazy - my ass.

sticking my tongue out of him as i can't believe he just took a photo of my ass!

at pancakes on the rock where i had my ultimate and he, his bananarama.

with the other babe (dav) in the house!

dav took another shot for us and i look so constipated. is he gonna abduct me? *gasp*

sydney opera in its full glory. credits to the photographer - dav!

dav took this for us by the opera house. look at the splendid job! :D

another really gorgeous shot by dav. gives timelessness to the busker. love love.

the harbour bridge as taken by dav. look at the beautiful lights and isn't she just a brilliant photographer? thanks babe! :D

baby just loves to cam-whore. i tried to stop him but i failed.

taken by matt at darling harbour. :D

i took this shot of matt and diane. ok. so it's not that fantastic but look at the two and the bridge. :)

baby has been here for 4 days now and every single minute has just been splendid. i'm sorry for not being around for so long. have just been completely losing myself in the moment and the catching up of my studies.

there are some more photos but i will upload them at a later time or maybe not. if they don't turn out fine, i don't see a need to put them here anyhoo.

love love love. :)

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Friday, April 27, 2007

every female uses the term "time of the month".
most females use it as a politically-correct term to inform others that they are having their period.

i use it differently.
but still, it has a month-long cycle and it usually begins during the last few days of the month and ends on the first few days of the month.

i call my "time of the month" - my depression cycle.

nearly cried out to you in school.
the gray skies and melancholic songs on my ipod weren't helping.
it's almost 10 months since you said you are gonna go to bed.

could you wake up now, please?
could you, pretty please?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i fall sick whenever i try to be healthy. my mum thinks it's my body's way of getting rid of all the earlier poisons but i think that that's just plain bullshit.

if i've trouble sleeping, i'll just think of how peeps might be like if i'm dead and wonder who will actually miss my presence. about 20 minutes of such thoughts, i will fall asleep.

i hear voices in the night, telling me stuff and it freaks me out so badly that i have to sleep with my bible just beside me.

love love leather pants on guys, if they can pull it off. there's just something sexy about it.

i've not changed much since i was, what, 5 years old. just look at my old-school photo in my friendster, you'll get what i mean.

my 21st birthday was acknowledged, not celebrated even though it was supposedly be the introduction to adulthood. as such, i'm not forever-21 but forever-20. :)

i love solitude but the loneliness gets to me once in a while.

nature is a love of mine but i can never imagine myself staying anywhere else but by the city lights. yes, i'm afraid of the dark.

bisexuality is something that i embrace and if anybody judges me on that, they are just not being honest to themselves.

i can be so lazy that it's amazing. like when i needed to pee, i can tell my boy that i need to pee but i'm too lazy to walk to the toilet.

I tag:
1. zhongying
2. ingrid
3. meiyi
4. mabel
5. li lien
6. carol

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2.68 days.
64.43 hours.
3866 minutes.
231960 seconds.

this day cannot come sooner.
i miss you!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

i woke up in tears on saturday.
dreamt of my late grandfather.

in the dream, i was with my group of friends and he was sitting on his bed. we were having instant noodles and he asked for a bowl so i passed one to him. i must have gotten concern over his health cos i asked my friend to ask him how many bowls of instant noodles had he had the whole week and he replied 5.

i went ballistic and asked him why did he not tell me earlier and i would have cooked something else for him. he replied, "it's ok. i'm old anyway. doesn't really matter." i began crying in my dream as i screamed at him, "you're the same as popo. only care about yourself. what about me? both of you don't care about your health then who is gonna pick up the pieces after both of you die?"

then i woke up.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

happy 22nd birthday to kaijun!

i missed out on jianhui's birthday last month. sorry laughing buddy!

happy (very) belated 22nd birthday to jianhui!

i just realised i don't have photos with you guys. that's pretty sad, considering we've known each other for quite a while. let's take some photos when i'm back, kies? :D

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

happy 'forever-21' birthday to ann!

this was taken when we were like what, 17?

have a good birthday! :D

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happy 24th birthday, uncle shiyan!


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found this really interesting website on the history of singapore and lots of other stuff about singapore.


check it out peeps! :D

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omg. i'm so sorry halley!!!

happy (very) belated 21st!

hope you had a smashing good time!
i'm sorry for being over a month overdue. :(

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Monday, April 16, 2007

You Are a Bad Girl

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You're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes.
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but i don't have a tat or wild hair. :p

You Are 87% Bitchy

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i'm a biatch.

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happy 'forever-21' birthday to my beloved dav!

had a birthday gathering during the weekends for my dear housemate. we had a potluck full of chicken. somehow the message didn't get around that everyone was to bring something so everybody got chicken. i tried to make tiramisu but it didn't turn out so well. :(

top (left to right): junior, nick, matt, jon, kevin and bernard
middle (left to right): benjamin, tina, charles, jason and i
bottom (left to right): james, olivia, davina (the birthday girl) and diana

this is my personal favorite. we just love to go crazy for the camera! :D

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

happy 22nd to my beloved ingrid!

hope you had a great birthday, babe! :D

the first of the mambo laydees to turn 22. :)

let's have a massive party when i go back and all the laydees shall turn 22 then. :D

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

two months.
i'm still learning the ropes.
i'm still learning to let go of the past.
i'm still learning.

sometimes, i wonder if the lessons will come in too late.
sometimes, i wonder if i'll ever truly learn.

i don't know whether we're work out.
i don't know how things will be like for us in the future.

but trust me when i say, "i sure do damn well wanna find out!"

i love you baby. :D

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i pray. i pray for the lovable prince to be well.


baby girl, i'm sorry i can't be there for you but remember that i'm always around to lend you a listening ear when you need me. lemme know of any updates. love you babe!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

at times, i just wish i knew where i'm headed.
at times, i just wish i knew what i want and need.
at times, i just wish i knew how i truly feel.
at times, i just wish i knew why i'm always so confused.

it's at times like this that i wish i'm just a little clearer, a little more grounded and a little more matured.

fun, alcohol, parties, hangovers...
is it truly time for me to stop before the maker catches up on me,
or am i truly ready to leave this earth by the age when aging begins?

questions, questions, questions.
i'm just a lost li'l child that knows nothing of this world.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

binge drinking.
crazy gang.
broken glasses.
stained carpets.
messy kitchen.
nasty hangover.

i love the holidays! :D

and i love you baby. i'm sorry i haven't been talking to you much. happy 8 weeks baby and i remember our date on friday. :D

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good Friday and happy holidays!

the initial plans were set. we were to club until we heard news that bars were closed. we panicked and started calling the clubs. apparently, it's by law that clubs are not allowed to open past 2200hrs. so what did we do? we stayed home and went crazy!

jason, jon, junior and nick - before the tussle begins.

nicole flew up from melbourne to spend the easter with us.

jiawen and jon - the oh-so-sweet couple!

me with nicole - drink, drank, not yet drunk.

boys will always be boys.

see what i mean?

top (left to right): myself, jadine, jon, jiawen, nicole, matt, junior and jason.
bottom (left to right): mike, davina, laurence and nick.

the crazy gang i love. :D

when nick had his poison, he does his thing - his snorting thing!

wasabi snorting time!

cam-whoring at darling harbour

met up with laura and her sister. they flew up from melbourne as well for the easter weekend and we were gonna have dinner together, except for her sis. went to the harbour for a brief bit and dav went into a cam-whoring frenzy.

olivia, laura, myself and nicole - look at the dazzling lights!

davina, olivia, laura, myself and nicole - i told you we were cam-whoring.

i told you so. i love my meat way too much.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

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today marks 7 weeks of being together with baby.
it also means that in another 24 days, baby is gonna be in sydney!

i'm already making plans as to what we're gonna do during that 10 days he's here, not forgetting the night activities. -winks-

ah! :D

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