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Thursday, January 29, 2009

i have a high tolerance for loadsa things but this is something i've always had low tolerance for.


i feel like screaming in her face - SLUT and WHORE.



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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i got my internship with zebra crossings! woot! :D

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i'm back from bangkok! for the first time in our relationship, i actually shopped more than my man!

my loot :
  1. for myself: 2 bags, 2 little miss tees, 2 dresses and 1 watch.
  2. for my mum: 2 bags.
  3. for sonia: 1 bag.
  4. for felix: 1 tee and 3 banknotes.
  5. for mabel: 2 dresses.
  6. for relatives: 1 box of rice crackers with pork floss, 1 bag and 3 tees/
there's so much more waiting for me to buy! AH!

i feel like a woman man. haha.

p.s. photos are not in chronological order.

my first two buys in bangkok, which was later followed by another 2 bags 2 days later. :D

at the end of the trip, i had LOADS of stuff to bring back.

we had a 1 hour foot massage that included head, neck, shoulder massage costing us about 500baht in total.

my virgin tuk-tuk experience

my virgin tuktuk ride!

on our last trip to mbk. i miss that mall already. :(

on our first night there, i asked my man why he brought me to paragon. he didn't believe the place was called paragon until i found the mall's name for him. being a first-timer there, he couldn't believe i managed to tell that it's paragon cos it looked like singapore's paragon. haha.

i bought 2 little miss tees and he bought 5!

signature award-winning cocktails of asia hotel, where we stayed.

on our way to suan lum night market.

meeting up with my man's mum's former boss and husband. her husband happens to be a guitarist for a christian band named blister.

where we had our daily breakfast

this place has a shisheido salon and spa

us at emporium located in what i call mini japan

waiting for the train

on our way to chatuchak! awesome shopping paradise

checking the map diligently

and this concludes my bangkok trip, which included a plea to my man to return again soon for more loots!

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Friday, January 02, 2009

so another year has gone by. as with every year, this moment calls for some reflections on the events that had taken place over the past 366 day.

this year was probably quite a test on my level of tolerance. i'm pretty much known as a 'bo-chup' or 'couldn't care less' individual, however, when the need arises, i'll try my best to be there. this year, this was brought to the ultimate test. for once in my life, i felt so utterly drained from the events that unfolded during a particular period of time that it seemed as if i was stuck in a never-ending drama.

then of course, there was my life as a student. my university decided that we are so smart, they can cramp everything into just 12 weeks. this translated into pure torture that would have been just manageable if not for the drama stated above, making it a complete hell. there were nights that i couldn't sleep and nights where i broke down. yet, i pulled it through, with much thanks to many individuals in my life, who helped maintained my sanity.

without a doubt, this year was also trying for my man and i. with stress level bursting its limit, he had to tolerate more of my nonsense at a higher frequency, which meant that tempers flared quite often. we do always manage to settle our difference before going off to lala-land together but still, we both agreed that if this continues, the relationship might not survive. still, i'm grateful and extremely blessed for all the good and bad times that we have had.

so now, it's 2009 and i'll be off on my virgin trip to bangkok in just 9 days time, and then come slightly more than a month later, we'll mark our 2nd year together before the ticking clock catches up on us and i have to bid farewell to him again for the pursuit of my studies. nonetheless, without a doubt, i believe that this year will be a blessed and fruitful year, with the blessing of Daddy.

happy new year, everyone! :)

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